If you need to rank, we have you covered with our complete plan - CUSTOMIZED TO EVERY CLIENT

SEO Stars provides the most cutting-edge SEO consulting services in the market. We follow a proprietary formula that wins awards and top listings by focusing on things that matter most to you and your customers.

We have clients in the US and the UK!

Over 30 Years Combined Experience

Our first website was created in 1994. That site still stands the test of time and is remains ranked for top industry terms. We knew what we were doing back then and we know what we are doing now. In fact, we have won 2 top Microsoft Awards and several other industry awards, including Internet Marketer of the Year.

We've built digital properties in the following niches: Music, Arts, CBD, Leadership, Health, Insurance, Ecommerce, Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, Drumming, Social Media, Technology Consulting, Industrial Supplies, Green Energy, Personal Growth and many more!

An Unrivaled Team of Experts

You will not find a more dedicated team to the science of SEO. Our team has the certifications, the education, and the experience to get results. We don't play around or practice on your business. Get to know our leadership team a little more.


We look at every business differently. There is not a one-size-fits all SEO strategy. You are unique and we treat you as such. We customize and tailor the following 6 steps to your business.


STEP 1: Complete Website and Business Analysis

In this step, we leave no stone unturned. We utilize some of the best SEO tools to dig down deep and gather the intelligence needed to create a results-oriented campaign. We look at over 300 technical factors and 2500+ other factors to see where and how and why. Our audit process uncovers everything.


STEP 2: Create a Master Strategy and Action Plan

After we do an exhaustive site-wide audit to capture every detail, we build a master strategy and plan of action. We use a proprietary Agency Management system that is behind one of the top SEO agencies in the world.


STEP 3: Start Website and Content Clean Up - Stablize Home

Once the strategy is signed off on, we clean up all the issues and begin restoring much need performance, speed, and enhancements. Your visitors will be much happier with the many improvements in usability that come with our SEO packages.


STEP 4: Create New Content - Take New Territory

Now that we have your company rocking on the basics, it is time to conquer and take over new territory on the SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Placements). That's where we grab new research, apply it to your master strategy plan, and tackle the next frontier for your business.


STEP 5: Outreach

Now that you have new content, we have to get the word out in the form of backlinks and approvals. We only use white-hat techniques, which means we leverage high-quality content that makes your company look like rock stars in your niche.


STEP 6: Monitor Results and Ongoing Adjustments

At SEO Stars, we believe that you can't improve that which you don't measure or manage properly. Properly is the keyword here. We monitor the right stuff, including content changes, rankings, website traffic, goal conversions, and results that matter to your business objectives.


WOW... Im blown away by your dedication to help others" As you know i recently put down the shiny new objects we
call strategies and took the plunge to join your SEO Agency Services. Today i needed a little help so thought I would drop you a quick Skype and WOW.. You jumped straight on it but not only that you hooked me up to a live one to one on Google Meet and walked me through my problem offering fantastic help and the best way forward........ WOW Thanks for shining the light above and beyond call of duty simply brilliant!!!

Marcus (aka Wolfie) UK

I not only trust Joseph and Joey with my search results and my website performance, I would also trust them with my life! They are that dedicated to me and my team's results. I trust them through and through and wouldn't hesitate to open your doors to them and let them show you what is up!

Craig Kausen ( aka. Bug's Bunny)


Market Exploration

You may know who your direct competitors are, but maybe not sure of your online competition? We know where to find those trying to put you out of business and stomp them out.

Technical Website Tune-Up

Getting ready for the new Google Tech requirements and not sure if your site is up to the challenge? Let us get you prepared to win.

Reputation Recovery

If you find yourself with a great loss of traffic and search engine rankings and not sure where to turn. We are your friend and can help. We will get to the bottom of what is hurting you online.

Ready to explore your long term business possibilities with SEO Stars?